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Paid media resulted 
in an increase of 
conversions’ by 250%

AuraLamps is a lighting store that specializes in selling products such as Galaxy Projector, Sunset Lamps,  & Galaxy Lamps. They sell worldwide while focusing on the GCC Market. They have had tremendous success in attracting their customers. 


Auralamps wanted to increase its monthly users, revenue, and overall profit. They’d worked with MSA for a short period of time from December 2020 and achieved successful results 
Auralamps approached us with the intention of scaling their business. Their business was blooming but it was on a small scale. They needed more customers as they knew their products would sell but they didn’t have the strategy to do so.

Manage social media account

Develop website

Maintain specified ROAS

Increase unique visitor


Over the course of 9 months, we set out to implement a series of new tests:

Increasing website traffic: We implemented SEO strategies and ran targeted digital advertising campaigns, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic.

Improving website conversion rate: We optimized the website design and user experience, resulting in a higher conversion rate for the website.

Building brand awareness: We ran social media campaigns and collaborated with influencers to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience.

Generating leads: We implemented lead generation strategies such as email marketing and retargeting ads, resulting in a higher number of qualified leads for the business.

Driving sales: We developed targeted campaigns and promotions, resulting in an increase in sales for the business.

Improving customer satisfaction: We implemented customer feedback and review systems, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Over a nine month period, we introduced four new tests in order to innovate Auralamps paid search account. We exceeded our targets and changed our ways of working, promoting agility in account management, pushing for a continuous test-and-learn approach, and striving for innovation.

Additional impressions (Dec-Sept)
New site visitors

Social Media
Managed To scale Insta to more than 17k, & TikTok to more than 5k Organically
Increase in Revenue (across tested campaigns)

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