Competitor & Market Research

Competitor & Market Research

Both consumer and business-focused competitor and market research can enhance your business strategy. Staying current with the latest trends enables you to more effectively nurture your leads, which can increase your sales by 50%. We provide informative business-to-business reports, brand and advertising assessments, competitor market research, and qualitative or quantitative analytics, so you can make informed decisions based on data-driven results.


Competitor Analysis

Being aware of your competitors, the market, and your target audience is essential to running a successful business. Our research provides an understanding of the current market trends and helps identify opportunities that have the potential for long-term returns on investment. For example, the utilization of chatbots, which are projected to handle 85% of customer interactions with brands in the near future.


Our team utilizes advanced market analysis tools to show you where your business currently stands and the potential growth opportunities with our assistance. We conduct thorough research, gather, and analyze data and provide competitor market research and user journey analysis. We provide you with the necessary information to make significant improvements to your marketing efforts. We guide you through the process with our audits and help you create a strategic marketing plan with specific and measurable goals. This can include researching and implementing innovative marketing automation trends, which can result in a 225% increase in conversions. Market analysis is crucial for the growth of your business, not just in the digital marketing sphere but overall. Our market insights will provide you with an understanding of what your competitors are doing and not doing, which can aid in broader business decisions, both online and offline.


Big Data & Analytics

Market & Industry Research

Our market research provides valuable insights to drive your business to new heights of success. By delivering detailed and accurate qualitative and quantitative reports, we can provide you with research that is specific to your market and its current trends.


Competitor Analysis

Our analysis will help you understand what strategies your competitors are employing and what is working for them. A deep understanding of your industry can form the basis for significant business improvements and be a foundation for the development of successful marketing campaigns.


Renowned Research Tools

MSA uses industry leading tools to gain access to data that is important for your business. We utilize various tools such as Formisimo and Moz to gain advanced metrics through unique forms and detailed analytical tools, while Hitwise and Trend tools provide crucial feedback on your market.


Search Engine Optimisation

We will conduct research on relevant keywords, gather information about our target audience, analyze our competitors in the market, create both on and off-site content, develop and optimize the website for search engines, and perform other market research to improve our search engine rankings. The goal is to gain a thorough understanding of our industry to improve our website’s visibility on search engine results pages.


Consumer Experience

Gain knowledge about your market by asking pertinent questions and familiarizing yourself with the needs of your consumers. Utilize surveys to gather direct feedback from your target demographic and use this information to make adjustments to better serve them.


Customer & Client Analysis

We will gather direct feedback from customers and clients to gain a deeper understanding of your industry. Additionally, we will conduct a usability study of your website to research consumer behavior, determine what is popular, and use that information to develop your offerings further.



We will go beyond your existing target demographic and examine your potential customer base on a national level to gain a more comprehensive understanding of who your ideal customer is.


Target Market

After identifying your audience demographic, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences in order to effectively target them. As an example, a high-end brand should not target individuals who primarily shop at budget discount stores.


Market Needs

We will investigate the motivations and needs of your target audience to understand what your brand needs to do to make them choose you. we research the demands of your market and help you identify your competitive advantage.


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