Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a popular choice among ecommerce.

As a Premier Google Partner, we can help you showcase your products to potential buyers through Google Shopping, a network operated by Google. Google Ads Shopping is a powerful tool for ecommerce retailers looking to increase the performance of their product inventory.


Google Shopping Campaigns


Data Driven Approach


We use custom scripts to gather real-time data about your account’s performance, allowing us to make informed decisions on its management going forward.


Expert Consultancy

MSA’s Analytics and Insights team can provide custom, real-time dashboards for advertising and performance that meet your and your board’s requirements. These allow you to closely monitor your return on investment and business performance as it occurs.


Target Display Advertising

As a Google Premier Partner, our team works closely with you to understand the profit margins and inventory levels for each of your products. This enables us to allocate budget and prioritize efforts in a way that maximizes your return on investment and has a tangible effect on your profitability.


Industry Leading Techniques

Despite the detailed bid management options available on the Google platform, we have developed our own unique approach to Google Shopping. In addition to considering the products you are selling, we also take into account your target customer – their identity, search behavior, and response to being shown your product.


Google Shopping Advertising

Since its introduction, Google Shopping advertising has gained significant market share in the past five years. It is a powerful channel within search that can be optimized and scaled through various techniques such as query sculpting, feed optimization, profit-driven bidding, Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) selection, and others.


Since Spring 2020, Google has returned to a freemium model, which means that free organic clicks are available for products uploaded to Merchant Center. MSA is known for its innovative approach to shopping campaign optimization. Our team is highly skilled at maximizing overall returns within challenging ROAS/ROI targets and takes into account business data such as promotional ranges, product margins, and inventory levels to maximize profitability. As a high-performing Google Premier Partner Agency, MSA has gained the trust of numerous businesses across the World for their shopping advertising and serves markets around the globe.


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