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There are many rumors about the demise of email marketing, but in reality, it is still a powerful and effective tool. To get the most out of it, however, requires the use of more advanced techniques. When executed correctly, email marketing can deliver impressive results and a high return on investment, with many organizations experiencing returns of more than 40 times their initial investment.


Email Marketing 

Complete Strategy

We can assist you in thoroughly analyzing your customer base to create distinct personas, which will allow for targeted communication strategies. Additionally, we can assist in creating a specific brand voice and implementing automation tools to guide customers through the purchasing process, tailored to their specific requirements and preferences.


CRM Integration

We can integrate any customer relationship management software to personalize content and track data, in conjunction with a marketing attribution plan, to provide a complete picture of the customer journey. By doing so, we will be able to optimize communication and build stronger connections with your audience.


Cross-Channel Growth

By analyzing the information in your customer database, it is possible to identify similarities and characteristics that can be used to find other potential customers who have similar traits. This approach, known as creating “lookalike audiences,” can then be applied to various platforms such as social media and search engines, and can help to establish long-term relationships with these new customers by using the same personalized processes that were successful with the original group.


Segmentation & Marketing Automation

We plan to use a combination of behavior analysis and existing data to identify key customer segments. This information will be used to inform our overall strategy, which will utilize big data analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of our marketing automation processes. By using these techniques, we will be able to deliver the appropriate content to each audience at the optimal time, and use incentives and persuasive techniques to promote brand engagement throughout the customer journey. 



We can improve the effectiveness of your email communications by making them more personalized for your subscribers, which will lead to greater engagement and help to establish trust and loyalty in your brand. This can be achieved by using the subscriber data you have to tailor the customer experience and deliver the content they want at the appropriate time.



The wording and phrasing of your message is essential for its success. We will develop copy that is designed to appeal to your customers by focusing on the information they are most interested in hearing, at each stage of the sales funnel. We will use the insights gathered from our customer personas to guide our efforts, and will work to nurture leads and guide them towards conversion.


HTML Coding

In today’s world, emails are viewed on a wide variety of devices and email programs, making it vital that the emails we create are able to be rendered correctly on all of them. To ensure this, we will design email templates that are responsive and can adapt to different screens and platforms, and we will thoroughly test them to make sure they provide a positive experience for your customers no matter how they are accessed.


Atomic Design

We will use atomic design principles throughout all of our screen-based design work, allowing for flexibility and rapid adaptability of your designs. These principles apply to all digital platforms, including email, app, or web, and will be expressed through digital brand guidelines and a set of reusable design building blocks. By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that any communication or storytelling across all mediums and channels are consistent with your brand.


Testing & Optimisation

To effectively map out a communication strategy, it is important to have a clear understanding of the customer journey. We will create and continually refine your campaigns by using personalization techniques for content and using A/B testing methodologies. The result is the maximization of results, as we adapt and modify campaigns based on data insights and analysis


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient, cost-effective, and highly profitable method, and serves as an excellent tool for building relationships and promoting your brand.


Email marketing allows for consistent engagement with customers, allowing you to gain insight into their preferences through the data collected from their behavior. It’s the most effective method for maintaining a conversation with your audience, and we will provide the tools and services necessary to power this important dialogue. According to the Digital Marketing Association, 66% of customers make a purchase as a result of an email marketing message. Additionally, a report from McKinsey found that email is 40 times more effective at reaching new customers than a combination of Facebook and Twitter.




Benefits of Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a widely used and effective tool for reaching and engaging with customers. One of the main benefits of email marketing is its cost-effectiveness. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Additionally, emails have a high open rate compared to other channels and if well-crafted, they can also drive high click-through rates. Email marketing allows businesses to send targeted messages to specific groups of customers which can help to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. The results of email marketing campaigns are also easily measurable which allows businesses to see how effective their campaigns are and make adjustments accordingly.



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