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Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming a go-to strategy for businesses looking to grow and expand. It allows you to tap into large and varied networks to create targeted campaigns aimed at driving traffic, raising brand awareness, and converting visitors into customers. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, working with us will help you optimize your affiliate marketing efforts and turn casual visitors into loyal customers.




Research, Communication and Planning

We start every strategy by thoroughly examining all available data. This includes studying the market and analyzing the actions of our competitors, as well as conducting a thorough review of our current digital practices. This helps us identify areas where we can improve and find opportunities for immediate success. We then use a marketing attribution approach to understand our customer personas, and trace their journey through every touchpoint. This ensures that we can help facilitate conversions no matter what path they take.


Design and Development

The next step is to design and implement a custom-made affiliate system that aligns with your specific business needs. We will oversee the setup and launch process, as well as handle any necessary migrations from existing services. Following that, we will onboard partners, establish branding and creative guidelines to ensure consistency and continuity of your brand identity throughout all communication.


Affiliate Marketing Evaluation

Our all-in-one platform allows us to continually assess the performance of our strategies. With it, we can monitor all affiliate networks, including influencer and partnership marketing, and affiliate media buying, while utilizing a marketing calendar to schedule the appropriate activities at the optimal times.


Digital Consultancy

We rely heavily on data and analytics to inform our decisions and guide our approach in every project we undertake. We dive deep into the data to thoroughly analyze your digital presence, and use this information to develop a strategy that will enhance your brand proposition from all angles. To accomplish this, we utilize various digital tools that allow us to harness big data and analytics for real-time changes, and we utilize business process automation software to implement these changes even when you are not actively working.


Outreach plan

Creating an effective affiliate database takes time and is a long-term process. Our approach focuses on selecting the best resources that lead to sustainable growth and productive partnerships. The diversity of affiliates is what makes this strategy so effective, as it includes bloggers, Instagram influencers, cashback and comparison sites among the internet content providers that can increase visibility of your product. We will use our existing network of contacts and actively search the internet for new partners, constantly refining our approach to ensure that all relevant partners are available to you as they become available.


Division of Affiliate Groups

We segment our affiliate database into various groups to ensure efficient solutions. This approach allows for control over cost management, budgeting, and spending on affiliate commission and media buying. The groups are split based on factors such as affiliate partner types, traffic sources, revenue, and performance. With this approach, you will have the flexibility to adjust commission levels to different affiliate groups based on the type of placements they offer, as well as their tier, the value of their traffic, revenue generated from sales, and overall performance.


Affiliate project management

We will oversee every aspect of your project, including forecasting, media buying, reporting, planning, and relationship management. A dedicated affiliate expert will utilize their expertise to identify and take advantage of all potential opportunities for your business, using innovative methods to establish the most profitable and beneficial partnerships.


Multifunctional affiliate platform

We have our own proprietary all-in-one affiliate platform that eliminates the need for outsourcing and any additional hidden costs. This platform provides complete transparency in our payment structure, actions, and strategy through a clear reporting system that presents the data in an easily understood format, giving insight into the performance and ROI.


Sales Forecast

We will utilize data to regularly update sales forecasts on a daily and weekly basis, with more in-depth evaluations at monthly and quarterly intervals. This is a proven method that has been shown to be effective. We will use this data to establish efficient partner referral programs and form long-term, high-performing partnerships. Additionally, by using this data, we will be able to identify and eliminate any affiliate partners that may be causing more harm than benefit to the company.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to expand your business by sharing your content with a large number of potential customers. The Internet is a vast, global market that is divided into many different interests and demographics, and we have the expertise to help you reach them wherever they are.

We utilize advanced tools and technologies to carefully search affiliate networks and direct only the most relevant traffic to your website, making us a top-performing affiliate marketing company. This results in more opportunities for conversions and significant increases in revenue. Our platform is comprehensive and includes a wide range of user interface features to help us achieve your goals and provide accurate sales predictions. It allows for real-time analysis of our strategies, and we can adjust our approach as the data dictates. It also ensures that we have a strict approach to fraud, using sophisticated methods to detect and flag fraudulent activities, which ensures that we have a zero-tolerance approach to bad traffic.



Benefits of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective way for businesses to promote their products and services while also growing their reach and revenue. The concept is simple: businesses partner with affiliates, who promote the business’s products or services to their own audience in exchange for a commission on any resulting sales. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows businesses to tap into the audience and influence of the affiliates, increasing their reach and visibility.



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