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Users visit Pinterest when they are seeking new ideas and considering making purchases, making it an ideal platform for paid advertising to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers at the beginning of their decision-making process.


Pineterest Ads

Why Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest ads can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach a targeted and engaged audience on the platform. By creating visually appealing ads and carefully selecting the right keywords and targeting options, businesses can effectively promote their products or services to users who are actively searching for ideas and inspiration. Pinterest’s “Promoted Pins” feature allows businesses to get their pins in front of a larger audience, increasing the visibility and reach of their marketing efforts. With its large and growing user base, Pinterest can be an effective platform for businesses looking to drive traffic and sales.


the benefits

Benefits of Pinterest Ads

Our company has had the most success with Pinterest advertising for ecommerce businesses with consumer-facing campaigns in the home, beauty, food, and fashion industries. However, other industries may also benefit from advertising on Pinterest. Usage of the platform tends to increase during specific seasons and life events, such as engagements. If these trends align with your business, Pinterest advertising may be a suitable addition to your paid media strategy.


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