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How a video and YouTube
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YouTube Video Campaigns

YouTube, which is owned by Google, allows you to control your video advertising campaigns through your Google Ads or DV360 account. It offers various targeting options, such as life events, in-market, affinity, and remarketing, among others. YouTube provides several video advertising formats and campaign settings, including some where you only pay for viewed ads. You can measure the effectiveness of your YouTube campaign through Brand Lift, which assesses the impact of your video campaign on your audience’s perception of your brand or service. This measurement looks beyond media metrics to help you understand the behavioral changes caused by your advertising campaign. YouTube campaigns can be a great way to expand your audience and improve business performance. Working with a dedicated YouTube advertising agency can help ensure that your campaigns are successful and provide a good return on investment.


Programmatic Video Campaigns

Video campaigns can be an effective way for your business to reach new audiences and engage with existing ones. You can track the performance of your marketing efforts through your Google Ads account. You can also use Google’s demand side platform, DV360, to run programmatic video campaigns that target a wider range of ad inventory, formats (including CTV), and advanced third-party audiences available to premium advertisers. Our team has expertise in video advertising for major brands and can help your business as a wider video advertising agency.

Youtube Ads

What do YouTube video ads look like?

There are several types of YouTube ad formats to choose from, depending on your campaign goals. If you need help deciding which ones to use, our team can assist you. Here is a summary of the different formats available:

Skippable video ads:

Skippable video ads are one of the most popular formats on YouTube and can be watched on desktop, mobile, and TV devices. After five seconds, viewers have the option to skip the ad. However, if they watch the entire ad, you can retarget them with additional video content. Skippable video ads can be customized by adding copy and integrating product feeds. They are effective for reaching new users, increasing consideration, and driving conversions, making them suitable for a variety of campaign objectives.


Non-skippable video ads:

Non-skippable video ads, also known as “forced view” ads, must be watched in full by the viewer before they can access the content they want. These ads are up to 15 seconds long and cannot be skipped, so you cannot retarget this audience. Non-skippable video ads are effective for increasing brand awareness and reaching a large audience.


Bumper ads:

Bumper ads are non-skippable YouTube ads that are six seconds or shorter in length. They can be used to support longer form creative and can be tailored to your campaign strategy to preview, repeat, or amplify your message.



Homepage ads on YouTube are a way for your brand to advertise on the site’s homepage, increasing reach and brand awareness. The ad will automatically play at the top of the viewer’s screen.


In-feed video ads:

If you choose this option, your ad will appear in the YouTube search results, “watch next” section, and the home feed of the YouTube app. This format targets viewers who are actively searching for related terms and is designed to engage an audience in the middle of the sales funnel.


Our approach to video advertising


a. By gaining a thorough understanding of your target audience, we can help you determine the most effective platforms and ad formats to reach and engage them.

b. We will consider your budget, campaign objectives, and overall business strategy to plan and carry out activities that achieve your desired results.

c. With our creative partnerships, we can assist you in creating high-quality video assets to effectively target users.


a. Our transparent reporting process, through custom dashboards, enables you to track the performance of your campaign at any time.

b. Incorporating video activity into your overall media strategy will allow you to see the effect of your video campaigns.


a. We follow best practices and have a strict quality control process in place to ensure that all campaigns we create are brand-safe, efficient, and aligned with your goals. 


“a. We evaluate all campaigns to understand their impact and help you identify areas for improvement in future campaigns.

b. Brand lift allows you to assess the impact of a campaign beyond media metrics and evaluate creative or audience performance. This can be useful for making informed decisions in future campaigns.”


a. We optimize your campaigns in real-time to consistently achieve your business goals.

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